Residential Programs

CashBack_Graph_6Our energy experts designed a range of effective programs and strategies specifically for residents, that can generate lower utility costs and efficient energy usage:

BTE_RES_Audit_Icon_1Home Energy Audit: Lower Utility Costs and Increase Comfort
A comprehensive home energy audit is a room-by-room inspection of your home to determine where and how energy is being lost. The auditor’s goal is to identify problems and recommend cost-effective improvements to enhance energy efficiency, lower utility costs and increase comfort.

  • Pinpoint where your home loses heat
  • Lower utility bills
  • Reveal hidden problems
  • Reduce uncomfortable drafts
  • Improve home comfort
  • Increase home resale value and marketability


As long as the sun is shining, a solar power system will continue to produce electricity – spring, summer, fall or winter. For Upper Peninsula residents, this can be highly beneficial during the harsh winter months. Energy Engineer Dave Camps provides consulting, energy engineering and installation of grid-tied solar power systems.

With a grid-tied system, your solar panels will often generate more electricity than what you consume. What does that mean for you? Better energy efficiency rates, net metering and saving money. Let us tailor a solar solution for your home!

  • 30% federal tax credit
  • Receive credit on energy produced, offsetting utility costs


BTE_RES_AirSealing_Icon_1Air Sealing & Insulation

Air leakage is a major cause of energy loss in a home and can account for 30% of your heating and cooling costs. Air sealing is one of the most cost-effective home energy upgrades that can significantly reduce your monthly energy costs, and improve comfort and building durability.

Insulating your attic, more than any other spot in your home, has the greatest potential for increasing efficiency. Find out how we can help you:

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs by 32%
  • Save more than $200 on your home energy audit
  • Increase home comfort

BTE_RES_HVAC_Icon_1HVAC & Furnace Tune-Ups

Just like a car’s engine, your furnace needs preventative maintenance. A regular tune-up ensures your system is running cleanly and efficiently throughout the heating season. HVAC and furnace tune-ups are inexpensive and will help you save money on utility bills. We perform a thorough inspection of your HVAC and furnace systems, replace filters and update parts, if needed.

  • Combustion analysis
  • Free installed carbon monoxide (CO) monitor
  • Blower cleaning
  • Federal tax credits for furnace upgrades
  • Install furnaces and water heaters