Commercial & Industrial Audits

Blue Terra Energy provides independent energy consultations using the latest tools, such as high-resolution thermography and combustion and power quality analyzers. Blue Terra Energy’s detailed energy audit reports allow you to identify where you can cut energy costs, improve efficiencies and identify potential problems in your business.


Commercial Energy Audits

Blue Terra Energy professional energy auditors* perform commercial energy assessments, using leading-edge equipment such as infrared cameras, combustion analyzers and duct testers, to detect energy loss and detail business energy consumption. Our commercial energy auditors provide room-by-room examinations of your business, as well of examination of past utility bills, to reveal areas that affect your business energy efficiency.

Blue Terra Energy follows the ASHRAE energy audit format:

Level I Audit (Basic Consultation)

A Level I audit involves a cursory review of your utility bills and a walk-through of your facility.

During the walk-through we characterize how the facility uses energy and look at major energy-using systems such as HVAC, hot water, windows, lights, plug loads and insulation, and determine where you need to focus your efforts to get the most for your energy dollar.

Following the utility review and walk-through, we issue a summary report to detail how your facility uses energy, and provide recommendations for further actions you can take, and other systems to be analyzed. This is a a beginning-level audit.


Level II Audit (Comprehensive Audit)

The Level II audit expands the detail and reporting of Level I.

We start by analyzing your utility costs over a two-year period. We look at rate structures and plot your energy use to look at trends and peaks. Then we then evaluate in detail the systems recommended in the Level I report. The Level II audit includes engineering and economic analyses, and predicts returns on investments using simple payback or life cycle analysis.

The Level II audit also includes advanced analysis of your HVAC, compressed air, and most mechanical and electrical systems. Having trouble with roof leaks or moisture damage? We can find those, too. This level of audit is adequate for most facilities.

*In addition to holding a Mechanical Engineering degree, Blue Terra Energy owner Dave Camps is a certified Energy Auditor through the Association of Energy Engineers and Certified Level I Thermographers.