Blue Terra Energy Offers Free, Installed Energy-Saving Kits and Services

MARQUETTE, Michigan (November 1, 2012) — Blue Terra Energy is partnering with Efficiency United to provide SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company customers with free, installed energy-saving kits and services.

Including installation, the free kit is an $85.00 value and may include 12 Energy Star light bulbs, two high-efficiency shower heads, kitchen and bath faucet aerators, foam pipe wraps and a Honeywell programmable thermostat. In addition, gas forced air furnace owners qualify for a free furnace tune-up, an additional $100 value.

Blue Terra Energy’s installation team, led by owner Dave Camps, will provide professional installation of each free kit. Camps is a mechanical engineer who specializes in energy consulting. Efficiency United consists of 18 Michigan utility providers who offer energy conservation and optimization services.

These efforts are in accordance with Michigan Public Act 295, to develop clean and renewable energy and to reduce 25% of government grid-based energy purchases by 2015. All energy customers in Michigan, including SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company customers, pay an Energy Optimization Charge on their monthly bill. Those fees are used to support these programs, help reduce homeowners’ energy consumption and improve Michigan’s overall energy efficiency.

SEMCO ENERGY Gas Company customers are encouraged to take advantage of this free energy-saving kit that can be conveniently installed in about one hour. The free Energy-Saving Kit Installation Program is only available while supplies last.

For your free energy-saving kit, please contact Blue Terra Energy today at (906) 662–9531 or toll free (888) 739–5053, or email Blue Terra Energy at

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